Monday, April 11, 2011

A "Leap of Faith" at the "Speed of Trust"

Some of you may have heard my personal testimony on why I have wholeheartedly said "Yes" to a company I knew little about but experienced amazing results with the product in a short time. Time enough to give me a glimpse of a vision that God was working and was delivering an answered prayer to me that I had prayed for, for many years. I drank my first shake about three weeks after my last child support check was electronically deposited in my bank account and  after I wrote my last installment check to a business partner, emptying out the last of my savings of 15 years. This may seem insignificant but when writing the check and sealing the envelope, I knew that relief was around the corner; helping to build that savings account back in a short amount of time. But what about  the economy? No buts, Just GOD!  I am sharing for those who have decisions to make in their own life and have felt the heart tugs of Jesus but still have doubts or anxiety on which way to turn. We are all bombarded in our lives with life choices that come at us from left field. I was blind-sided with a "milk shake" that is literally changing my life as well as others. After five days on the shakes, I knew in my heart that the gift of Visalus had been delivered. I prayed earnestly for years that God would show me a way to provide for our children and family with a business that could build a legacy.  BOOM! August 15 2010,  I went to a new church in Dothan, AL, Wiregrass Church; had lunch with a friend and a lady that I did not know and walked out of O'Charley's with a bag of shake mix tucked under my arm.

The rest of the story continues to only get better as the company continues to help hundreds of thousands of people fight obesity, fatigue, depression, diabetes, feed under-nourished children,  financial burdens, just to name a few. Over 4 million pounds were lost last year with Visalus products and the company grew only about 650% . Our family is headed to Cincinnatti, OH in three days to experience the Visalus National Training event. An event that will change the history books when it comes to promoting Life, Health and Prosperity.  The relationships, friendships, FTB's (friends to be) are showing up as God "show's out." All in the process of getting healthier, having more energy, losing unwanted pounds and spreading the news.  I am extremely passionate about the products and the results.The income and financial rewards are the benefit of due diligence and hard work. Finding the right product and the right vehicle was a "God Send" at Godspeed. I could not have planned it, prayed it or found it at a more perfect time. Timing is everything in our business and numbers play a huge part but God is the real deal in all of it and I'm grateful everyday.  Take a "Leap of Faith" in whatever you are contemplating and experience the "Speed of Trust". God will deliver the master plan if you are willing to say yes...For more information on Visalus, visit
To try our products..visit God Bless on your adventure!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Go to Grow

String Beads on Chain with Cross Pendant                                                                                                                    

Glass, Pearls and Wooden Cross

Vintage Jewels/Pearls on Cross with Vintage Button 

Angel Wings/Cross Necklace
Stone Cross on Vintage silver chain

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Rustic Peace with Turquoise Cross
Add caption

 I'm back to the Blog. I have been busy with a few little life issues and so I am ready to blog, blog, blog and create and keep on doing what God puts in my path each day..Here are some photo's of new jewelry creations and will be in Colquitt, GA this weekend at Second Saturday participating with Jo and Charles Bush with their "Hand Did Birdhouse Creations". We will be serving up Visalus Shakes as we continue to promote Life, Health and Prosperity along our journey.. In a few days, jewelry will be able to be purchased online as I get my shopping cart updated on  my site which is I am excited to offer my jewels online and it's easy to ship!!!Yipee! Have a great day, y'all!
Turquoise Cross/Black wire Oval Hoops
Purple Quartz Cross/Black Wire
Turquoise/Peace  SilverWire Earrings

Friday, January 28, 2011

Never Give Up

Never Give Up!

There have been times during my Visalus run that the road has gotten a little bumpy; things not lining up like (I) would like them too at a particular moment, people falling by the way side or one more dropped autoship.  Personally, I faced challenges that seemed to distract my attention and focus.Life issues, family drama and such seemed to require way more attention than (I) wanted to give. After the dust settled, the day over, I closed my eyes and realized, I gave it all I could for that one day. I have learned what they mean by, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff".

 When I began the Vi-Life Adventure in late August, I was faced with tremendous challenges with my oldest daughter, Chandler; I didn't give up.We battled for a month with her sickness in and out of hospitals and doctor's offices. Never questioning the plan, just knowing that "all things work together for the good of those who Love God and are called according to his purpose for them". I knew in my heart, God would show us a way that we could unite as a family and draw close when the times are tough and cheer one another on when the victories are won. One of these victories is today. Chandler qualified for Regional Director and is fighting her battles and winning! Visalus has been a motivator; the shake parties have given positive interaction and the relationships that are forming are proof positive that God has given to us a vehicle not only promoting health and wellness but psychologically building self esteem, self worth, values and integrity. She is learning at the ripe age of 20 what it takes to promote unity and cohesiveness; the importance of building relationships with people that are taking a "leap of faith" into the unknown Vi-Land. We have properly positioned ourselves in an industry that can take us far with our goals and dreams if we keep our intentions pure and trust worthy. What better way for a parent to be able to instill this into their children but by having them live it out? The ranks are exciting, the enroller pools checks are fun but this experience for us is so much bigger than a bag of shake mix. Working with individuals that really want better for their health and life is what keeps me waking up at 5:30 each morning. 

I hope all of you can come to Cedar Springs tonight to hear Dale and Linda. Travel together and will see you there. 7:00, Ronnie and Renee Shingler's House. Leaving from our house around 6:45!!!

Blessings and have a great Close-Out Month!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Timing is Everything

Wow! Where did the last three months go, but away...Gone, forever in the dust. What lessons have been learned, what goals have been achieved, the sadness, the good times, the in-between experiences, the holidays, the reconnecting of old friends, family and new relationships. I have managed to coast along, digging deep at times, digging deeper at other times and then resting few and far between in the midst...I am freeing myself from obligations that have been prayed over and released to God to manage as I simply follow his instruction. The peace within is  a testimony that I have accepted my life as it is at the moment. I have but one obligation each and every day and that is to do what glorifies God to the highest. How better may I serve? The question for the moment each and every morning that I wake and put my feet on the floor. Sometimes the answer is not what I would like but as I go about my day with the thought in mind, I realize the bigger picture. It ain't about ME!!! I cringe at the thought of how many times I did like to make it about me..uhhhh! What difference does it make if for some reason it's not done exactly perfect? None. Keep me focused!!Attentive!Disciplined and Wise! A tall order to fill for a not so perfect individual that can't seem to think straight until she swallows her first sip of java in the A.M...Things are gonna change, people are gonna change, our goals, attitudes, and friends will change. But the one thing that is forever constant, will be the loving God that puts breath in our being every single day until it's time to move on to another place. Keep the Peace!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Two Months In..Losin' Weight..Feelin' Great..Money in my Pocket

My Prayers were answered. For years, I prayed for guidance and direction for a lucrative income as child support would end. The Lord would orchestrate for me a business to operate that would generate income for our family that would exceed mediocrity. I continued to pray for 15 years and watched as the month of July 2010 rolled around and the last direct deposit emptied into my checking account.
I had searched eagerly  the last eight months as my journey took me to another continent.  I was shown as I traveled to China the details and expense  of manufacturing and the competition among  the Chinese as they copied  the craftsmanship of artists and designers that spend hours and hours on their creative works.

I read Bruce Wilkinson's book, The Dream Giver, delivering God back my dream of the import home decor business; realizing that something bigger and more than I could imagine was on the way. But WHAT? "Be Still and Know that I am God." - Psalms 46:10. The verse rang in my ears for three months after returning. I continued to work on jewelry, paint, jewelry and paint. The first of August, I traveled across three states to the "World's Longest Yard Sale" still searching for more treasure and ideas. What fun it was..Blog is below.
On August 16th, I went to a new church. The Wiregrass church in Dothan, AL. A life changing experience for me as I sat and listened and knew that I had found a wonderful place to worship. Following the service a friend had asked me to lunch with she and another friend that she had met at Wiregrass. We ate and talked and then she began sharing about her new job as an independent distributor of a new weight loss/health nutritional product. I listened and being the person I am, wanted to try it for myself to lose the unwanted 10 pounds that was still creeping around. Two weeks later, the weight had literally melted away. I signed as a distributor because I had a story to tell. My personal story of what Visalus, ( had done in my life. I began to realize that the product that I was drinking, the weight that I was losing and the $2000 in commissions the first month of being in the "relational marketing business" was an answer to a 15 year prayer. The rewards are great as I help people uncover and shed the unwanted weight and get healthier. The products are safe as well as effective and doctors across the country are jumping on board to distribute. The feeling of knowing that you know that you know was true for me as I continue to "help others" build the business of their dreams. My relationships with people are rewarding and the trust and support we offer one another is gratifying. God has answered my request; not like I had expected, shedding a different light on a growing epidemic in this world..obesity. An opportunity to share what has been freely given to me. The message of Hope, Transformation, Life, Prosperity and most of all developing strong relationships and building new ones along the way.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lovin' What you Do..

Sunday in church, I received a message that has been ringing in my ears ever since. It's one of those things, like a tune, you can't get it out of your head. The preacher from Buckhead Church in Atlanta began a series of messages on "WORK". What comes to your mind when that word is mentioned? Thankfully and gratefully, I have been in a position for many years to be able to "do what I love and love what I do."  I had a successful career in sales in Pennsylvania right out of college for three years in the Northeast. This was B.C. (before children) We traveled, were wined and dined in some of the nicest restaurants and even visited Europe, Bermuda, Bahamas and places that entice the corporate world to bring "the cream of the crop" to reward their achievements, accomplishments and top achievers. You get the picture. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah! Then, the most awarding career began as a new Mother of two daughters, under the age of 1,almost (12 months and 2 days apart). Now this has definitely been the most challenging, especially during the harrowing "teenage experience." It seems to ripen with age as the ebb and flow of motherhood always keeps me on my toes and on my knees. Back to the Buckhead message, The verse is Colossians 3:22.  Whatever your task, work for the Lord and not for men. (paraphrased by Lori). Wow! What a spin that can give an"overachiever", type a personality,  borderline workaholic (at times) with tunnel vision for the outcome, type of girl.  But then  I realized that God created who I am. He gave me distinct qualities, characteristics, dreams, vision, and the knowledge to recognize that he doesn't care what I do as I long as it glorifies HIM. Someone once told me when I was whining about not having purpose, not being in a position of "God", wanting to make more of a impact on people, that God is not concerned with the WHAT in "What do you do"? Case in Point: The second most asked question after an introduction is made.{."Hi my name is Lori". "Hi Lori, my name is John, what do you do, Lori"  }This is when I start to scramble...I "do" so many things, I just want to say..I do what God tells me to do for the day. Then, I watch John's mouth drop open and say "Okay, well nice to meet you" and then John disappears like a scalded cat.  
Does anyone ever feel like this in their so-called "WORK"? 

If we can all "do" what we are really created to do which is to serve our God... diligently, lovingly, whole heartedly, and with enthusiasm, think what our world would be like today; even on a Monday mornings after a long event filled weekend.
 The minister challenged us to take the verse into the workplace for the week and put it to use and realize the blessings that will show up as we practice. This is our purpose whether it be in a bank,  a retail store, a  doctor's office, in the sales field, teaching, mentoring, whatever "our little label" is.
Have a great rest of the week!  The Blessings are on the way!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lovin' Me Some F.F.F. (forced family fun)

On the way to the game! Decked out in Red/Black

Tailgating at the game! A great spread!
Now that I'm in my Mother's shoes, I can know that I know that I know that F.F.F. is vital to family connect. We all spent the weekend in Athens/Atlanta together and had a great time bonding. There were many "Christmas Card" moments and yes, I did manage to have a Kodak moment and capture all of us "striking a pose" for the annual photo. The fam. usually dodges  the camera at Thanksgiving but this time with careful manipulation and strategic planning, Voila!, it happened.

Trying to find a little shade!
The man that was passing by when we were walking just happened to be a photographer that took wedding shots, so that confirmed to me once again,  that I had God on my side. (Why do I need confirmation?)
Halftime in the sweltering 88 degree weather but the score was worth it.
Next, we maneuvered our way to the tailgate that was right under the stadium and enjoyed bar-be-que, chicken and all the trimmings. Regions Bank tailgates aren't too shabby and that seemed to make the "fam" extremely happy. Eat, Drink and Be Merry!
What's not to love here?

So we won the game, and then we went to my favorite store, "Goodwill", after the game and  managed to find a few bargains as Chase went to the car to do law student stuff and we shopped some more. Billy made the comment, "When people asked what we did after the game, I can tell them we went to "Goodwill." BTW, there were a lot of after-game shoppers in Goodwill so it might just  be the " thing to do."  The girls are finally catching on to what I've known and loved for years; so look out Goodwill; there's another generation up and rising....
Mama 'n Papa Bear

We always need a new hat...

 The weekend ended on a great note as we travelled back to Atlanta for the night and made our way to Scott's Antique Market (google that). After all was said and done; the weekend was perfect for our version of F.F.F. We look forward to many more; a  lesson learned on this adventure is KNOWING  that "God is always on our side".(no confirmation needed, thank you very much). Have a blessed and great week as fall kicks it up a notch!